Thursday, 17 May 2012


These are great decorations to give a big impact, for not too much effort! Use to decorate doors, walls or hang as table centers.

YOU WILL NEED per rosette: 
2 x sheets A1 contrasting paper
Pack of crepe paper
Thin wire
Ribbon - to hang

Firstly decide on your colour scheme and where you want each colour. You will use the width of a whole sheet of A1 paper as the background rosette ring, adding different coloured rings to build the design.

Lay both sheets of the A1 paper one over the top of the other and fold them together into a fan shape. To do this fold the papers back and forward in roughly 6cm widths, making sure to create crisp folds.Once both papers are fully folded, separate them and trim both the ends into petal shapes.

Cut one of the pieces of paper about 10cm shorter either side so it has space around it when forming the middle rosette ring.

Combine them once again and place them exactly in their folds, making sure the centre piece is in the middle.

To add the crepe paper, cut a length about 1/2 the width of the A1 background sheet. Place this centrally following the folds of the paper, working your way from one end to the other using your fingers to place in the creases. Cut away any extra length.

When all the papers are lined up correctly fold the fan in half to find the central point. Wrap the wire around in a loop securing tightly. Unfold your rosette and secure each end by stapling.

From the extra paper, cut out a circle and glue to the center of the rosette.

Use the wire to attach a ribbon and hang at your desired location.

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Soos_green said...

looks like fun can't wait to try this!