Friday, 20 April 2012

Lauryn Hill - the Golden Girl is back on top!

A few weeks ago, my husband an I had a night in in which we consumed a few Moscow Mules and went through our record collections ( by this iTunes on the desktop!) We managed to listen to the whole Lauryn Hill album being able to sing each song word for word, and it reminded me of how much I used to love her and her music. She has seen me through break ups "Ex-Factor," lazy summer days "Nothing Even Matters," and many a 20-something party " Everything is Everything"... Oh and lets not forget several karaoke renditions of " Strummin' my Pain".

We looked her up, apparently she has been away from the scene for so long not due to that comment (true or false you've got to forgive her, she was a kid) but apparently she has had 6 yes thats SIX kids, how does she say so slim? I ask you!

We also discovered that she was playing at Indigo, the smaller venue in the O2 arena. We quick sharp bought the most expensive tickets we could get our hands on!

We turned up at the upstairs bar and a few rum and cokes later entered the auditorium, there was a great dancehall DJ playing; no I know you would associate dancehall music with me, but I do have a small inclination to some Beenie Man's music! He played a song which Im now obsessed with called Im drinking  Rum and Red Bull 

After a little grooving in our seats Lauryn came on. Dressed in a  golden maxi dress, shoulder length diamante earrings and a hoodie, she was displaying all the attributes of The Ghetto Chic Superstar we know and love her for. She started with Everything is Everything, then continued through her back catalogue only introducing one of her new songs ( that was beautiful) which was a good move for a comeback. She performed for over 2 hours, there was such a great vibe as everyone there knew all the words and were literally dancing in the isles, yes there were a few tears from me too! I was literally blown away, her voice is beyond amazing, her energy infectious. Yet she has changed, she has of course grown up, but not perhaps how you would imagine; I would compare her to Grace Jones or Steve Wonder, she has a creative diva madness about her which makes here now even more unique and special.

I walked away from the gig thinking one, it was probably one of the best I have ever been to and two, we need her back, and a mini me version. There are no truly " authentic" female role models out there at the mo, the only equivalent in British music is Jessie J, who is no where near as talented and is hugely manufactured.

Come on girls, we need someone who hasn't come through a cheesy talent contest, we need someone real.

Everything Is Everything, Lauryn Hill

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