Saturday, 17 March 2012

OVEN LOVE - Cast Iron French Ovens

So Im in love. I think I have just seen one of the most beautiful objects in the creation of man. On a trip antique shopping today I found these beauties, as I have never seen anything like them before I wasn't quite sure of their origin or age. But at a guess they looked Art Deco, French and Aga style cast iron wood burning cookers. I was pretty spot on, there seemed to be two logos/ brand names on them " St Nicholas" ( yes please do send me one for Christmas, although the weight of them may make a hole in the sleigh), and Jean Reneau Paris. At a whopping £950 on the price tag, I fear it may have to be an unrequited love... but I am terribly still thinking credit card in the back of my mind!

Having come back to a computer and done some research, they seem to be pretty rare in the UK, Im sure they are probably everywhere in French antique stores. I found one on Ebay - which wasnt nearly as nice, but was half the price... One day!


Anonymous said...
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Hannah Read-Baldrey said...

Hi Marie, these ovens were in Bridport, Dorset, at the antiques market there. Just as a note, its not good to share your mobile number online - safety first! x