Monday, 20 February 2012


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Jean Pierre Braganza Show A/W13

The start of fashion week is always a busy time around Somerset house, with a sea of clipity-clop heels and black attire. On friday I decided to join my hubby and our old St Martins friends at the showing of his best friend, Jean-Pierre Braganza's new A/W13 collection.

For this show I decided to wear my Beatrix Ong boots which are so high and pink they stand out amongst their black contenders, however they are particularly hard to manoeuvre on the cobbles of Somerset house, then the slippery stone stairs leading to the basement where the show took place. So much so that I had to hold on for dear life as I pigeon stepped down them clutching to the banister and walls, I even managed to pull off an "O"from the lettering stuck to the wall with my bag, oops. Once down in the basement, I found Brendan and the queue, sadly we had an "S" marked on our tickets which  meant we were standing, I wonder what code was for seated if not another "S". Once in up more stairs, a spiral staircase to be exact, by this point I almost took my shoes off, but no, there was a cubbyhole for me to sit in and I did!

Shoe drama over, the show begain. The collection was stunningly tailored, with some lovely wool jackets, pants and tops in blues and purples. The prints, as always were bold, in flaming orange depicting burning chandeliers, this clashed beautifully with the cold hues. Why not watch the video to see for yourself!
Its always nice to go backstage and say well done, you can imagine how much heart and soul goes into each collection. There is so much effort from so many people to put on a show, from the PR's organising sponsorships, guest lists and the catwalk. To the models, make-up and hair teams, dressers, organisers. Sales teams etc and thats not to mention the designers endless hours of work!

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Backstage Jean Pierre Braganza A/W12

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