Friday, 26 August 2011

How To Create A Stationery Range

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I am launching my first ever stationary range with Christine in September, under the Everything Alice brand. We both along with our publisher Quadrille have been so delighted by the success of the book, we have actually managed to sell out ( second print coming next week) hopefully the stationery will share the luck!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Adventures from the next book!

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Sorry to have been away from blogging for so long, I have literally been snowed under creating my new book with Christine! Its very exciting and really quite different from Everything Alice, but Im afraid it will be a next summer when all is revealed so a bit of a wait. But for now I can divulge a few of our adventures over the last few weeks.

We began the shoot in a London studio, possibly on the hottest three days of the year. Here I had a studio set built along a traveling show theme, it looked fantastic! Here with photographer Verity Welstead, we not only photographed a baby ( my gorgeous nephew) but animals too! Both were fine...