Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hobbycraftin... Sneek Peek!

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Here's a pic of me from today filming my new Hobbycraft series!... You get no hints other than it's gonna be a right royal affair! Out this spring x

Friday, 18 February 2011

ZESTY LEMON AND ALMOND CAKE - decorated with edible flowers!

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I saw the first spring bulb come out today and thought, yes its time to get baking! This is a great spring/ Easter recipe and is absolutely delicious. I have decorated it with handmade edible flowers to give that extra spring-like-factor.

Friday, 11 February 2011


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Today I have been mostly shooting this little set of london for a job that will be out later on in the year! Love it! I made big ben ( see below), the London eye and a selection of other famous London landmarks, all from paper and card. Think this will be one of my favorite still life shoots!
 Took me back to those film days being stuck in an office in Ealing Studios remaking Baker Street over and over ( hadn't quite grasped the metric to old school feet at that stage, obviously all fine now!)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


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Ahhh, no matter what anyone says about valentines day I still love it ( pardon the pun!) I made this for my friends recent wedding present, havent had the opportunity to give it to them yet! ( I am assuming she doesnt read my blog). Think its a great idea for a valentines gift, something to keep in a frame or make a card from.

I did a reading at the wedding and this is a quote from it. It is a black card paper cut mounted on peach textured card. If you want to learn more about papercuts scroll down to the papercut christmas card post below...


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This post has proved to be my all time most popular, especially since the recent report that Big Ben is leaning slightly to the side! 

Click on the below pattern and print out onto printable card, enlarging or reducing the size to your requirements.

Glue the corresponding tabs to one another following the instructions on the pattern.


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The Quadrille catalogue was released yesterday! Dont you just love Dandy Mr White Rabbit? Very excited to be snuggled up between Liberty and Cath Kidston in the listings, go check it out. You can read all about myself & Chris but more importantly all about our book Everything Alice!! Also learnt something new... apparently the correct spelling of Pom Pom is PomPon - its a French word... yes you do learn something new every day! (we are in the craft section page 78 I think)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

ROYAL WEDDING - Union Jacks are a key trend this spring

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Dear All,

As many of you know myself and Christine Leech have been working on our beautiful craft & cookery book Everything Alice for the past year which shall be launched  in July in the UK & USA.

We cant at this stage reveal too much about it but... we can drip bits here and for pre release tweets come and find us by  CLICKING HERE 

Watch this space for all updates and exciting events.

Look forward to seeing you there! x