Friday, 28 October 2011

THREADS - a new vintage boutique in Peckham

A new boutique has recently opened up on my local mini shopping street, Bellenden Road, so on the way to run some errands I popped my head in to be greeted by the delightful Tara Postma. A young actress by trade, local girl Tara set up shop earlier on in the year after she spent preparation time hand picking her lovely shop wardrobe. 

Threads offers a good section of women's, men's and super cute kids items at very reasonable prices, dresses range between £12-£40 to give you an idea. At the back of the shop is a beautiful little room which holds the more expensive delicate goods such as 1930s dresses and pretty lace cami's. The stand out product for me is really the kidswear, Tara obviously has an eye for this and was very excited to show me some lovely pieces, her favourite of which is not for sale but hangs proudly on one of the walls - a 90s Lionado De Caprio T-Shirt, yes it is amazing for comedy value.

Its a lovely place to visit if you are in the area, please also see her blog CLICK HERE

Vintage Threads
186 Bellenden Road
SE15 5BW

+ 44 7415994073

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