Tuesday, 4 October 2011


This sumptuous circular cushion is surprisingly way to sew and would make and impressive-looking project for a novice.

*This is an edited version of the Round Cushion project from the Liberty Book of Home Sewing by Lucinda Ganderton and Quadrille Publishing

3 x 54cms patterned fabric in different prints
Matching Sewing Thread
Round cushion pad 45cms
Two large buttons
Embroidery thread and long needle

Select three complimentary fabrics, iron them and cut each into 4 x 14cm/ 54cm sections widthways following the print of the fabric.

With a sewing machine stitch each length together, ensuring that he direction of all the fabrics are going the same way. 

Once all attached, close in the last two remaining sides to form a cylindrical shape.

To close the first open end, double up the embroidery thread, in a length of about 25cms. Sew a line of running stitch all along the top of the cylinder, tugging in as you go. Once finished, pull all edges together and tie in a tight knot.

Turn so fabric is the right way around, ie the knot is inside. Place the cushion inside and adjust position so the central hole is perfectly central. 

Repeat this gathering technique for the opposite end, trim away any excess fabric and push ends back into the hole to give a neat finish.

Using a long needle and embroidery thread, sew directly through the middle of the cushions a couple of times to pull in centre, then attach buttons.

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