Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Browsing through the Metro this morning, I turned to a Sainsbury’s DPS advert and to my glee I saw this wedding cake ice cream! A-ma-ze-balls! Why has no one told me of this ingenious invention earlier? Now those who know me know I have a sweet tooth, not quite as sweet as my mothers; who literally can floor me with her chocolate intake, scrap that her intake of sugar dipped in butter….I know!
Back to the ice cream, I must try this, it may be disgusting or quite possibly be up there with the rum and raisin clotted cream they already produce…yummy...Sainsbury’s East Dulwich here I come!

TASTE TEST UPDATE: Although there have been mixed opinions on the twittersphere I rather liked it. Point’s wise 7/10 which is defiantly above average. However, I have an uncanny feeling it tastes a lot like Christmas Cake ice-cream, I wonder what would happen if I peeled back the label... a red sticker with a Christmas pud on it I expect!

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Thomas Knorpp said...

Hi Hannah - we've got another new ice cream flavour especially for Halloween. Would you want to give that a go as well? If so, please drop us a line on and let us know your address.
Kind regards