Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I don't know if its because I watched Labyrinth again for the first time in ages, remember that last scene where David Bowie is in the white RSC style Owl outfit....or its because they are everywhere in the shops; Topshop have even copied their very own Kate Moss with a simpler version, which makes me think I can make one too! Perfect for the opening of the party season.

To make your single feather layer collar its simple, go to a stockist such as Ostrich Feather who I use, you can by feather fringes in your desired colour and length. Cut to length and  just add a button, ribbon or a broach. Simples!

For a more complex layered version like the Topshop one above you need to attach feathers to a cape shape; preferably the same colour as your feathers. You can do this by using an old shirt or blouse as the basic shape; cut away sleeves and remove all buttons apart from the top one. If it has a collar remove this too. Cut into a bib shape.Sew your feathers on in three layers one overlapping the other.

My Photographer friend Fiona Fletcher just emailed me with one of her recent shots! look what its of!  

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