Monday, 17 November 2014

DIY Glitter Reindeer Christmas Card

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Anyone feeling Christmassy yet? Why not get ahead of the game and make your Christmas cards early? This beautiful idea is easy to make & who doesn't love a bit of gold glitter, huh? 

Thursday, 6 November 2014


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So I've finally done it, I've opened an Etsy shop. Since having baby Teddy 9 months ago I have been thinking upon thinking about work, craft and presenting a lot. I have already started work back as a presenter for VideoJug, currently shooting some stylish Christmas makes, but I wanted to create a bit of festive sparkle for myself & it has come in the form of my darling Rosie!

Rosie is the cutest reindeer in town, she jingles as she walks and is always full of Christmas cheer. She originally comes from London, although now works full time for Santa in Lapland. 

This is a simple felt sewing project, which is great fun for the festive season. This Rosie toy can be scaled up or down in size, it comes with clear instructions and a photographic guide to make it even easier to follow.

She is only £3.99 to download from Etsy, but guess what, Christmas has come early if you are a Couture Craft follower, as if you enter the discount code: ROSIE20 I'm offering you a massive 20% off until the end of December! Go on, get making!! CLICK HERE TO BUY

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Crocheted Cardi!

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The most beautiful surprise arrived this morning, after an extremely sleepless night, what a joy. Thank you to Claire, the clearly multi talented mumma who designed all my/our books for Quadrille, made Teddy this stunning crocheted sand coloured cardi: Which in fact will look super co-ordinated with his sand coloured Bugaboo! He will be wearing it today at the pub, even if he is a bit hot!!

So beautiful, so lovely, thank you!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Crocheted Converse Hightops

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These supercool Converse were crocheted for my son Teddy by Mummy Mashford, the talented mum of my NCT namesake Hannah. 

There are a few free projects online for them, this seems to be the best from Ravelry 

Enjoy! X

Happy Easter

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Sorry for being away for so long! There are a few excuses, but the main one is second from the left! Yes I had baby Teddy George Baldrey 10 weeks ago this Sunday. He is a beautiful boy with a gorgeous smile, aside from sleepless nights and lots of nappy changes he is pretty much a perfect boy.

Here are the lovely bunny babies from my NCT group - from left to right, Sam, Teddy, Ivy & Felix.

Have a wonderful Easter all! X

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Why I love Crafty Magazine!


Well, not only do I love all the projects, chat and inspiration... I've got two projects in this February's issue that you don't want to miss out on! 

Crafty is a fairly recent edition to the beautiful world of craft magazines, each issue so far has had amazing content and gorgeous projects, so it's not surprising its been such a success. The team have given me some amazing support of late and are always too kind!

In this February's issue you will find a treat for the one you love with my Cupids Arrow Cards, a simple printing idea with a straw twist! 

Also, inspired by my impending arrival, I have created this Moon and Stars mobile...

To top it all off, my lovely friend and co-author Christine has a project in the magazine too! Don't miss out on this issue! Check out their website here  - available at all good magazine retailers.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Just in case you haven't been to see me here...

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Come visit my gorgeous free craft and cookery resource - look forward to seeing you there!

I also would love to know your thoughts about the site. Is it easy to use? Is there a  project you would like to see? Please use comments form below.


Han x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

VALENTINE CRAFT - Cupids Arrow Card - as seen in Crafty Magazine

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1 x Sheet A4 paper
2 x large Helix Rubbers
1 x Stripy Paper Straw
Black Ink Pad
Permanent Marker
Metal Ruler
Craft Knife
Lino Cutting tool
Cutting Mat


To make the rubber stamps, draw an arrowhead onto one of the rubbers and a tail onto the other using the permanent marker.

Using the craft knife, cut a neat line around the edges of your drawing, remember to only cut a few millimetres deep, this will make sure you have clean edges when you cut away the relief areas of the stamp. Remember to also cut around the thickness of the pen, not in the middle of it, as this will form your stamp outline.

Using a lino cutter, remove the white sections of the stamp, go a few millimetres deep.

Cut away the outside of the stamp using the craft knife.

To make the card, fold the A4 sheet of card in half, cut down to 8cm height. In the middle of the card, so 4cm deep, draw a light line with a pencil.

Stamp your arrowhead and end at the edges of the card, using the centre line as a guide. Allow ink to dry fully then rub away pencil.

Cut two 2cm slits either side of the arrowhead and end, this is where you will pull your striped straw through to make the middle of the arrow.

Stamp a romantic statement to the front of the card, then finally finish by pulling your straw through the middle.

Post to the one you love!

Just Call Me Sarah Beeny

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So today I have been presenting for Tesco, again with the "how to get a second life out of" angle. Directed by the lovely John Rowley, today was a family affair as his equally lovely wife Lisa (Carol Hayes) did my vintage inspired make-up, big Mac red lips and flicky eyes. There are some great videos in there, I am very proud of myself also as I am almost 9 months pregnant, 12 days off my due date!

Cheesy grin with some cheese!
Energy wise, its been up and down over the last week, thank goodness today I felt great... and luckily for me we were shooting at my house, so no where to travel.

I will release the videos as soon as I can, honestly I dont know how Beeny does it!

Monday, 13 January 2014

How to ice a cookie like a professional

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Icing cookies can get very messy and very stressful, especially when there is food colouring involved. Here are my simple steps to icing cookies like a professional.